Donald Trump NFTs surge 133% to $570 in 24 hours


Former U.S. President Donald Trump’s NFT collection rose 133% in the last 24 hours to 0.3738 ETH, roughly $570 as of press time.

The NFT collection was involved in 961 transactions in the last 24 hours, and its sales volume surged 1687% to 316 ETH, according to OpenSea data. The 45,000 NFTs currently have 14,677 owners, representing a 33% unique ownership rate.

CryptoSlam’s data shows that the collection’s sales volume in the last seven days was above $770,000.

Crypto data aggregator CoinGecko tied the uptick to reports of Trump’s planned return to social media platforms Twitter and Facebook.

Amid his plans to campaign for the U.S. presidency, Donald Trump reportedly petitioned Facebook’s parent company to unblock his account on the social media platform.

Elon Musk reinstated the former president’s Twitter account on Nov. 19 following a poll. However, President Trump has yet to make a new tweet.

President Trump’s NFTs sold out within 24 hours of its launch on Dec. 15. The collection’s floor price surged to more than double its $99 mint price.

However, interest in the collection soon petered out, and several criticisms were raised over its internal minting, licensing issues, and design plagiarism — causing it to lose over 80% of its value in 10 days

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