Raydium exploiter moves $2.7M to Tornado Cash


A wallet address linked to the Raydium DEX exploiter has moved about $1.75 million worth of ETH via the sanctioned mixing protocol Tornado Cash.

On Dec. 16, the exploiter overtook Raydium’s owners’ authority and drained the protocol’s liquidity pools of assets worth $2.2 million, including $1.6 million in SOL tokens.

Following the exploit, the Raydium team proposed to compensate the affected users using funds from its DAO treasury.

Blockchain security firm Certik flagged that a wallet linked to the Raydium exploiter has moved about 1,774.5 ETH to Tornado Cash, according to a tweet on Jan. 19.

The transferred assets are worth approximately $2.7 million at ETH’s current price of $1,526, as per CryptoSlate data.

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