Bitcoin cohorts shrimps and crabs hold over 4 million BTC



The Shrimp cohort is a general catch-all for retail-level investors holding < 1 BTC. Historically this entity cohort has consistently added to their balance, and thus looking at relative aggressiveness is usually the most informative.

The Crab cohort generally describes retail-sized investors by wealth, who either have larger capital allocations and/or have accumulated over multiple years. Given Bitcoin’s grassroots and retail-dominated history, this cohort consists of many well-informed, albeit retail-sized investors (the HODLers).

The chart presents the total balance held in orange, while the colored area is the 30-day net position change.

Quick Take

The crab cohort has just surpassed 3 million Bitcoin. They are currently accumulating 30k Bitcoin.  
The most interesting part is they rarely sell. The last time was in May 2021 during the China ban. They may have learned their lesson this time. 
Shrimps do not seem to ever sell over a 30-day basis. They hold over 1.2m of the circulating supply, accumulating over 30k Bitcoin in the past 30 days.
Both cohorts are accumulating at one of their fastest rates ever.
Crab Net Position Change: (Source: Glassnode)Shrimp Net Position Change: (Source: Glassnode)

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