NFT Culture Daily News 1/20/23


For the Culture

We have made the decision to close the general chat and continue providing more value for active token holders. (We will continue to allow established artists who request access to gain access to the platform in the form of gifted tokens from NFTCulture staff). Additionally, we’re developing two bots that will drive community engagement and rewards.  Finally, I have passed the merch baton to Ashley who will make sure we finally get it done in a reasonable amount of time. We’ve been working on quite a few things but waiting for the bull market to start to return to implement them. More announcements to follow.

Dookey Dash Takes Command

The Dookey Dash game, developed by Yuga, was launched yesterday and received positive reviews from players. Strategy threads and high scores were shared, causing FOMO among players. The game’s Sewer Passes also saw an increase in value, with Tier 1 holding at 2.16 ETH and Tier 4 at 6 ETH. Yuga’s execution was praised for delivering a successful game and their NFTs also saw an increase in value. The NFT market volume also increased, with DigiDaigaku Heroes seeing a 25% increase in value after an announcement of an upcoming contest. Other notable mentions in the NFT market include A KID called BEAST and Checks, and Hasbulla which saw over 800 ETH in volume. Other NFT and Web3 headlines include Blur pushing their Airdrop 3 date to February 14, World of Women announcing a community-based committee, Moonpay acquiring Nightshift, and a former Gagosian Gallery lead opening to bridge traditional artists into the digital art space.

Sewer Passes Passed 13k ETH in total volume and the floor has rebounded above 2 ETH. (Making it the 2nd largest project in total volume over the last 30 days on OpenSea)
Otherdeeds saw massive movement over the last 24 hours
A Kid called BEAST is holding strong at .5
Art Blocks Continues to perform well with The Harvest sitting above 5 ETH about 30% above final mint price.
Mutant Hounds continue their fall, dropping toward .5 ETH
Checks have also capitulated down to .25 (Down 37%)
Massive mint (Proceed w Caution) was an Open Edition that was shared ahead of the drop for Justice Token holders and sits at .1 (almost 50% above mint price)

Crypto Highlights

JP Morgan Chase’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, recently expressed his views on cryptocurrency and bitcoin during an appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box. He stated that bitcoin is a “hyped-up fraud” and a “pet rock”, but that blockchain technology is useful for moving information and money. He also mentioned that he was not surprised by the bankruptcy of crypto exchange FTX, calling it a “decentralized Ponzi scheme” and stating that crypto itself does not serve a purpose.

Blockworks reported that the Winklevoss twins, who own Gemini, announced a potential legal dispute against Barry Silbert and Digital Currency Group (DCG) after Genesis filed for bankruptcy. The situation seems to be escalating.

They also highlighted a tweet from popular Twitter handle @MattFiebach, who noted that while the value of Bitcoin has decreased by around 70% from its all-time high, the hash rate (the measuring unit of the processing power of the Bitcoin network) recently reached an all-time high.

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