NFT Culture Daily Drop: NFT News – March 1, 2023


CyberBrokers Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary NFT-based platform CyberBrokers is celebrating its first anniversary with a four-day event, starting February 28. The event includes the release of Pixie Bolt AI V2 and special birthday layers for CyberBrokers’ community members.
Blockchain Upgrades Coming Soon Ethereum’s upcoming Shanghai upgrade, also known as “Shapella,” is expected to enable staked ETH withdrawals for validators who stake 32 ETH to approve and add blocks to the blockchain. The official date for the upgrade hasn’t been announced yet.
Last Chance to Lick The Toad in Dookey Dash Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has announced the closure of their popular toad mode feature in their online game. The closure will be followed by a review period that will end on March 7th.
Pixel Vault Announces Reboot Protocol and upcoming game Pixel Vault has announced the launch of their upcoming auto-brawler on Reboot, and a whitepaper for the arcade protocol has been released. The Reboot Protocol aims to provide a decentralized solution to the traditional problems associated with the gaming industry.
Creature World is back… with an open edition Creature World has released a 24-hour generative art collection called “Crowd” featuring an infinite supply of unique Creatures in every color combination imaginable. This open edition mint is part of Creature World’s ongoing project.
Bitcoin MAXI’s Silent at Yuga Explores Ordinals Bitcoin educator and developer Udi Wertheimer criticized several prominent figures in the Bitcoin community for their lack of response to a new project announcement by a multibillion-dollar company.
Why Web 3.0 Loyalty & Rewards Programs Will Ultimately Win The emergence of blockchain technology has led to the development of Web 3.0, which offers a more decentralized, transparent, and customer-focused internet. This essay explores why Web 3.0 loyalty programs will ultimately win over their Web 2.0 counterparts.

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