HV-MTL Details Revealed and They’re Awesome!


Yuga Labs, the creative force behind the wildly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), has announced the arrival of 30,000 HV-MTLs in the BAYC swamp, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the expanding universe. These dynamic non-fungible tokens (NFTs), called HVs (pronounced Heavy), have been summoned through a mysterious space-time rift, and are believed to play a pivotal role in an upcoming cosmic battle. As part of the broader narrative, this new phase, titled “It Came Through the Rift,” is set to kick off in April, with the release of an associated game anticipated in May.

In HV-MTL Forge: build and customize a workshop that prepares your HVs for their evolution. Show off your creations to climb the leaderboard and unlock special abilities. Take risks and face the dangers of the rift to discover blueprints, gather materials, and craft upgrades

HV-MTL (Heavy Metal) NFT TL:DR

Yuga Labs announces arrival of 30,000 HV-MTLs in the BAYC swamp
New phase titled “It Came Through the Rift” set to begin in April
Game release anticipated in May
HVs are dynamic NFTs that evolve based on owner’s decisions
Eight different HV-Types and numerous trait combinations
Owners participate in HV-MTL Forge to build and customize workshops
Forge gameplay involves discovering blueprints, gathering materials, and crafting upgrades
Leaderboards and special abilities can be unlocked through Forge progress
Future of each HV depends on owner’s choices and interactions in the universe

The HV-MTLs, described as curious machines from another world, are armed with an intriguing mix of weaponry and quirkiness, such as hotdog cannons. The narrative surrounding their sudden appearance is shrouded in mystery, as they have been undisturbed for centuries until their abrupt summoning. The enigmatic character, Gary, is convinced that a cosmic battle looms on the horizon and urgently needs every HV to evolve into its final form before it’s too late. However, it remains uncertain whether the HVs are friends or foes.

What do the HV-MTL Mecha Look like?

Mecha Rarity Breakdown

Glitch: 7749
Dynamic: 6999
Bio: 5999
Knight: 4999
Celestial: 2999
Reaver: 998
Holo: 248
Legendary: 1

These unique NFTs are designed to evolve based on the owner’s decisions, allowing for a highly personalized and interactive experience. With eight different HV-Types and a myriad of trait combinations, each HV boasts its own skills, personality, and roles. They are all engineered to transform, ensuring that no two HVs are the same.

To help guide their HVs through their evolution, owners are encouraged to participate in the HV-MTL Forge. In this immersive workshop, users can build and customize their own unique spaces to prepare their HVs for the challenges that lie ahead. By showing off their creations, they can climb the leaderboard and unlock special abilities that will further shape the destiny of their HVs.

It’s time to glimpse at the HV-MTL collection.

Head over to https://t.co/zIGBwPD13G for more on your Power Sources. pic.twitter.com/Il6JlCEUSn

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HV-MTL Forge Mechanics Revealed

The Forge also serves as a gateway to the rift’s many dangers and opportunities. Owners must take calculated risks and venture into the unknown to discover valuable blueprints, gather essential materials, and craft powerful upgrades that will assist their HVs in their journey towards their ultimate forms. Success in the Forge will not only grant an owner’s HV the strength to face the upcoming cosmic battle but will also cement their place in the ever-evolving Yuga Labs universe.

As anticipation for the next phase builds, Yuga Labs has disclosed that “It Came Through the Rift” is scheduled to begin in April, further immersing the community in the unfolding narrative. The company has also hinted at a forthcoming game release in May, which will likely offer even more ways for owners to engage with their HVs and the wider universe.

The future of each HV is heavily influenced by its owner’s choices, so they must tread carefully to ensure their HV doesn’t go against its nature. The decisions made in the HV-MTL Forge, as well as the broader Yuga Labs universe, will have lasting consequences for the HVs and their owners, making every interaction an opportunity for growth or setback.

In summary, Yuga Labs’ announcement of the arrival of 30,000 HV-MTLs in the BAYC swamp signals the start of an exciting new chapter in the Yuga Labs universe. With the next phase, “It Came Through the Rift,” launching in April and a game release expected in May, owners are encouraged to engage with their dynamic, evolving NFTs through the HV-MTL Forge and beyond. As the cosmic battle approaches, owners must prepare their HVs for the challenges ahead and navigate the unfolding narrative with care to determine the ultimate fate of their digital companions.

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